illustrator + karaoke aficionado + caffeine addict

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BOOM! Studios
Covers and interior inks/sequentials
• Labyrinth Coronation (April 2018 – Feb 2019)
• Hi-Fi Fight Club (Aug – Nov 2017)
• Adventure Time + Regular Show #1 (2017)
• Adventure Time Comics (June 2017)
• Amazing World of Gumball (2014)

Chromatic Press
• Dead Endings (2013 – present)

Impact Books
• SciFi Fashion Art School (Dec 2016)
• Shojo Fashion Manga Art School BOYS (Nov 2014)
• Shojo Fashion Manga Art School Year 2 (April 2012)
• Shojo Fashion Manga Art School (2009)

• Mark of the Succubus (2004 – 2008)

Irene Flores is an illustrator, occasional author, karaoke aficionado, and full-time coffee drinker. Growing up in the Philippines, she was heavily influenced by both Japanese animation and American comics. She currently lives and works in San Luis Obispo, CA, and her goals for the future include creating another graphic novel, participating in an escape room, and eating a Monte Cristo sandwich.

Instagram feed @beanclam