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News and Events

My comic and anime convention schedule as well as other art shows and events.


2019 convention list :

  • Emerald City Comic Con (Mar. 14-17) Seattle, WA - CONFIRMED

  • WonderCon (Mar. 29-31) Anaheim, CA - CONFIRMED

  • Fanime (May 24-27) San Jose, CA - Pending

  • SacAnime Summer (June 7-9) Sacramento, CA - Pending

  • Kitsunekon Green Bay, WI - Dates and table pending

  • Crunchyroll Expo San Jose, CA - Dates and table pending

  • San Francisco Comic Con Oakland, CA - Dates and table pending

  • StocktonCon Summer Stockton, CA - Dates and table pending

news and events


Sci-Fi Fashion Art School, my newest book, is now available on Amazon! The book explores different sci-fi sub-genres, has tutorials for character creation and costuming, and provides several pages of full color art to serve as samples and inspiration.